Uvalde Shooting Families Sue Gunman For $100M

The parents of four students who were wounded in the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school shooting are suing the shooter.

The relatives of the victims are suing Salvador Ramos’ estate for more than $100 million after the 18-year-old murdered 19 children and two instructors in a school shooting on May 24. At least 17 additional persons were hurt by Ramos, including four students who are now being represented by attorneys in this case.

Ramos shot each of them purposefully, according to a complaint filed in Texas state court on Monday. For the rest of their lives, they’ll be haunted by the memory of what he did to them.

As a result of Ramos’ actions, four children whose parents filed a complaint had to endure costly medical operations.  “They have all suffered severe physical injuries and unimaginable emotional trauma. They witnessed their friends and teachers being shot and dying in front of them,” the lawsuit states. “The emotional toll they endured is incomprehensible and will be with them for the remainder of their lives.” Ramos’ mother, Adriana Reyes, is included as a possible defendant in the complaint since he was shot and killed by police on the day of the assault.

Lawyers for the relatives of the victims have suggested that they would attempt to widen the scope of the litigation to any “responsible parties” who have broken gun regulations or school safety measures. Attorneys will conduct an investigation into how Ramos obtained his guns and ammo, how he entered the primary school, and how the police reacted.

In addition to the state and federal investigations already underway, the Justice Department has announced a critical incident assessment of the police response in this case. “This initial lawsuit will allow us to discover evidence and possibly add other parties to the lawsuit, if necessary,” said Thomas J. Henry, the lawyer representing the families. “The discovery process will focus on the school system, law enforcement, social media, and gun and ammunition manufacturers.” According to authorities, the shooter had lawfully acquired two AR-style guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition only days before the incident. 




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