Viral: Mom Lashes Out At Teacher For How She Handled Her Daughter’s Dress Code Violation

A mother’s post on social media criticizing the manner in which her daughter’s school dealt with a violation of the dress code went viral.

Stasia, a TikTok user who goes by the name @teachingadhdllamas, recorded a video expressing her irritation after receiving a call from her daughter’s school while she was at work.

Stasia was notified over the phone by the school administration that her daughter was rejecting the dress code rules and reportedly yelled “f* the dress code” to the teacher who chastised her. Stasia concurred in the TikTok commentary, saying, “F* the dress codes.” 

Some users expressed their support for Stasia’s dedication to her daughter’s well-being and flocked to her video’s comment area to express their gratitude.  One person said: “Would have immediately requested her autograph, cuz that girl is going places.” According to another, “I hate this too. I have extra shirts in case my students get dress-coded. SENDING THEM HOME IS MORE OF A DISRUPTION JUDY.” 

On the other hand, not everyone agreed with the mother’s opinion. According to a TikTok user: “Dress codes in schools are more lenient than any workplace. It’s not that hard to follow them.”

An update was provided by the mother in a follow-up video, in which she said that her daughter had organized a protest against the school’s dress code.  “Today, she’s organized a white tank top-wearing day, so they’re all wearing white tank tops with messages on them,” she said in the TikTok video. “My 19-year-old son helped her make hers last night, which reads on the front of it, ‘Do my shoulders distract you because you’re reading the front of my shirt?’” Even though she expected several phone calls from the school’s administration regarding the protest, her children already knew “this was coming.”




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