Philadelphia: THC-Laced Treats Were Sold To Children Through Instagram, Philly Man Faces Drug Trafficking Charges

Prosecutors claim that a Philadelphia man used two Instagram profiles to sell marijuana-laced Rice Krispie treats and other food to children in Montgomery County.

Quashon Rice, 20, of Germantown, is accused of selling delicacies laced with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, to children as young as 11 years old. Rice faces drug trafficking charges. According to authorities, he sold and delivered to minors 19 times between March and May. Rice is accused of delivering the goods to children at schools, parks, and houses in Ambler, Bala Cynwyd, Bridgeport, Cheltenham, King of Prussia, Norristown, and Willow Grove.

During a court hearing on May 10, prosecutors alleged that a pupil felt unwell after eating a rainbow-colored Rice Krispie treat that was laced with pot. That’s what one kid told school authorities when they inquired about the edibles they had acquired from Instagram’s “top2treats” Instagram account.

“toptreatz4” was created as a replacement for the account, which was eventually deactivated. The accounts were linked to Rice, according to the police. He is accused of delivering edibles to a Norristown student at a park and at the student’s house while being paid in cash for his activities.

According to Montgomery County’s District Attorney Kevin R. Steele, a “egregious case” has been made out of Rice’s purported attempts to provide minors with drugs and facilitate their subsequent sale of those substances.

Possession of a small quantity of marijuana is no longer illegal in Philadelphia and other Pennsylvania towns, but selling it is still prohibited throughout the whole Commonwealth. It is a criminal offense to sell 30 grams or more of marijuana, whereas selling less than that is a misdemeanor. Authorities said they found a ghost pistol and drug paraphernalia during the arrest of Rice on Tuesday, along with 40 handmade delicacies and 10 fake packs of marijuana. The amount of bail was set at $95,000. He’s being kept at the Montgomery County Jail until his preliminary hearing on June 27, when he’ll be formally charged.




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